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JSON Interface

You can enable Pagenode's JSON interface by defining the PN_JSON_API_PATH before including the pagenode.php. Be aware that enabling the JSON Interface makes it possible to load any .md file under the current directory.

To make the JSON interface available at /json:

// Enable JSON Interface
define('PN_JSON_API_PATH', '/json');

// Load Pagenode

You can then query the API:

Example Request:


Example Response:

    "nodes": [
            "title": "JSON Interface",
            "date": 1540910835
            "title": "Adding Content",
            "date": 1542017904
            "title": "Pagenode",
            "date": 1543494733
            "title": "Getting Started",
            "date": 1543497516
            "title": "Routing Requests",
            "date": 1543502838
    "info": {
        "totalRuntime": 0.5369850158691406

The JSON API for this site is enabled. Give it try:




The path from which to select nodes. Default ''.


A comma separated list of all the Node properties you want to retrieve.

sort, order, count

Analogous to select()->query($sort, $order, $count).

keyword, date, tags, meta, page

Analogous to Selector Params.

To supply arrays for tags, meta or date you can specify &meta[title]=SomeTitle or &date[0]=2018.

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